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You're probably wondering why the forum appears to be so tiny right now... well, there is any easy explanation for that! We want this site to be exclusive to the members, so a lot of the content is only available for the members to see. This includes writing, role playing, our chat, games, competitions, tutorials, help, and more! To see all of these cool features, sign up!
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Welcome to TNH! This is an awesome site, oriented around letting people become their inner selves! Everyone is welcomed, and everyone is encouraged to participate! We have role playing, art, writing, advice, chat, and more! We have been around since January 2012, and since then we are steadily growing!

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 Site Rules.

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Site Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules.   Site Rules. EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 1:52 am

Hello, and welcome to the site! Here is the list of the rules that we have for all of our members and guests. Please read this thoroughly to ensure that you are following the rules accordingly.

001. Profanity -- Please note that we want this website to be a place that is welcoming of everyone of every age. We do cater to mostly teens, but that doesn't mean we need to be cursing like sailors here! Mild cussing is allowed, but please do not make it become a constant habit, or this privilege could easily be revoked.

002. Description in topics -- As you may notice there is a spot on the edit post / post creation that says "description". Here on TNH we will be using that to do #hashtags. So please tag your posts (please no more than ten tags) so that members can use the search to find posts that they are looking for.

003.Spamming/Flooding -- We want this forum to remain accurate and fun. Please do not continually bump your topics to keep it up on the recent topic board. That is annoying. Someone will reply momentarily, just have a bit of patience! Also, do not go around spamming the site with another site. We like our members, thank you very much.

004. Sexual Content -- Please keep all content to being at a PG-13 level. We don't want porn on this website. In role playing and writing, please just keep it to kissing and such. Skip if you need to, but please don't elaborate.

005. Respect -- We have a high level of exptancy for respect here. We want all members to be respected and feel welcomed here on TNH. If you have a member, alert one of the staff members for some help. Let us handle it.

**These rules are subjected to be changed at any time possible. If changed, you will be notified, and those new rules will go into affect when you have been notified. Even if you do not open the message, you still received it, and therefore have been notified.**
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Site Rules.
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